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OPS Guide



The Operations Manager has perhaps the most creative position on the ship. The Operations Officer is sort of a utility man...they do a little bit of everything. They can run sensor scans, handle communications, and monitor the ships status and functions. They may also be called on to pilot the ship, or re-route power to systems during emergency situations. Usually the Operations Manager is 3rd in command on the Ship.

The Operations Manager must be a jack of all trades. They should monitor all the happenings in a SIM as this is one of the key positions the Commanding Officer's will depend on. The Operations Manager should coordinate with Helm, Tactical, & Engineering and report all suggestions to the XO or the Captain. This position can become very challenging during battle situations.

Primary Duties

The Operations Manager is responsible for montioring Ship-wide status. This means at the beginning of a Simulation, the Captain will usually request that the Operations Manager have all the department heads report their departments status. The following would be a proper way to conduct this situation.

OPS, Please have all department heads report ready status.
Aye Sir.
+OPS+Engineering reports ready status.

The Operations Manager is also in charge or monitoring Ship-Wide Systems. For example, during battle situations the XO or CO would constantly be in contact with the Operations Manager. Most likelly you will be asked to monitor shields or damage to the Ship. This is an example of a situation that might take place:

Minor Damage to Decks 25-30. Shields are 
  temporarily offline.

Secondary Duties

Because the Operations Manager is a Senior Officer and usually 3rd in command. You might be asked to serve on away team missions. You will also be called upon in times of need to give suggestions to the XO and CO. In extremelly rare cases you might be asked to Pilot the ship or take over someone elses position temporarily. Here's an example of how this might play out:

Ops, Take the Helm. Tactical...temporarily slave 
  Ops to your console.
Aye Sir
::walks to the Helm Terminal:: Would you like me to 
  plot a new course Sir?
We seem to be surrounded by Cardassian Warships. 
  Any suggestions?
I'll plot a course for the nearest Starbase. I don't believe 
  they would follow us into Federation Space.
Make it So!


The Operations Manager has one of the most exciting and challenging positions on ths ship. I believe that if you like to take challenges and are looking for advancement within the Federatioin Sim Fleet....this might be a good choice for you. Along with the benefits come some negative's as well. When the ship is not in battle...the Operations Manager may simply spend their shift monitoring the consoles or on the Holodeck for some entertainment. Best of Luck!