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Helm/Conn Officer


The Helm Officer is the "Top Gun" or pilot of the Starship. They are mainly responsible for piloting the ship but they could handle communications and monitor shipwide status although that would typically fall under the Ops or Tactical officers duties.

The Helm Officer too, should monitor everything in the SIM. They may be called upon to pilot a shuttle, with an Away Team onboard, to a planets surface to conduct scientific study or handle diplomatic relations. One should note that during times of high risk maneuvers this will be one of the key positions that the Commanding Officers will rely on.

---Primary Duties---

The Helm Officer is in charge of piloting the Starship. Typically upon beginning the SIM, you will be asked by your commanding officer to set in a course if one has not already been plotted. This is an example of how you might handle this situation:

Helm, Please lock in the Rendezvous Coordinates 
  and Engage Maximum Warp.
::nods:: Aye Sir. Locking in Coordinates and Engaging.
::locks in coordinates and engages Maximum Warp::

As you noticed from above..the Helm Officer will be in charge of engaging the ships massive warp engines. Should something go wrong, for example, if you loose the port nacelle or if the Warp Engines loose power you should notify the Captain or XO immediately and possibly even contact Engineering for a status report. Here's an example:

Captain, I've lost the Warp Engines.
::shakes head:: Get a status report from Engineering. 
  Tell them we need the Engines Online!
Aye Sir.
+ENG+Status Report?
We are handling the situation. Warp Engines should 
  be back online in 15 mins.
Aye Aye ::turns to CO:: Engineering reports Warp 
  Engines will be back online in 15 mins.

One of the more important things to keep in mind is that as the Helm Officer, you should be able to follow the sim well. For example...typically if an enemy vessel opens fire on your ship. What would you do? It's okay if you don't know..keep reading this guide and you'll find out ;) Here's the answer:

Incoming Fire from Klingon Vessels
::initiates Evasive Maneuvers Beta 7::
::smiles::Already Engaged Sir.

---Secondary Duties---

As the Helm Officer, and a Bridge Officer at that, you may be called upon to monitor the Shipwide Status or the Sensor Readings. This may happen in times of battle or when the TAC or OPS officer is not present either do to vacation or being relieved of their duties. This is how the above situation might play out: (Please keep in mind this is ONLY an example)

OPS your with me. We're going to the surface. 
  XO, you have the Bridge.
Helm, slave OPS through your console temporarily. 
  I want you monitoring this ships status and notify 
  me of any changes.
::slaves Ops:: Aye Sir. Acknowledged.
::monitors shipwide status::


The Helm officer has one of the most important jobs in the SIM..wheter it be piloting the huge starship vessel, piloting a shuttle craft to a planets surface, or just resting in their quarters. Remember that this post is one of the more demanding. You have to have a little knowledge of Engineering and you must be able to interpret sensor scans. A little bit of scientific knowledge wouldn't be a bad thing either ;) Good Luck fellow Helm Officers!