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Medical Terms

Sick Bay - A starship or station medical facility

Emergency Medical Hologram Program (EMP) Is a holographic doctor which can be initiated in medical emergencies. The Holographic projectors are monitored and adjusted by Engineering. The EMP has a direct link to the ships computer and is able to draw on anything new that is put into the ships data banks. The EMP reports directly to the Chief Medical Officier.

Chief Medical Officer (CMO) The main doctor of the sick bay, does all the administrative duties. Performs all medical and surgical duties as required. Directs all the Assistant medical personnel and the EMP. The CMO is usually required to be on all away missions.

Assistant Medical Officers (AMO) Assistants the CMO. The Assistants also collect inventory information, stock supplies, and does routine maintenance of the equipment.
An AMO can check the Hypospray supplies, set out medical equipment, prepare the bio-bed, recalibrate the regenerators and tricorder. Set up the Med Lab for test analysis.

Bio Bed - The main patient bed, is capable of tracking the patient vital signs, running scans of the patient. Bio beds can be simple or set up for surgical procedures, depending on the need. Most biobeds have straps to hold down the patients when needed. Usually when the ship is in a battle and or when they need restraining for other reasons.

Life Support Monitor - The life support monitor is usually attached to the bed. It monitors all the vital signs of a patient. The life support monitor needs regular diagnostics run on it, much like a computer does.

Medical Tricorder - A hand held unit used to collect data about the patient. A scanner unit that has the capability of getting detailed cell analysis of every cell in a patients body.

Regenerators - These include the Cardio, Organ and Dermal Regenerators
Regenerators can be directed at a specific point or used to regenerate entire fields.

Cardio regenerators are used to regenerate lung tissue and enhance breathing capabilities.

Organ regenerators can regenerate up to 65% of any organ programmed into it's database.

Dermal regenerators are used to regenerate skin. Used to closeup an open wound, it can be used to regrow skin too.

In a sim, they are sometimes just referred to as a Regenerator. They are also sometimes referred to as a scanner.

Neural Stimulator - can be hand held or attached to a bed. The neural stimulator send electrical impulses to the brain to stimulate the brain making it active again

Cardio Stimulator - used to shock the heart muscles, used to regulate the heart back to a normal beat.

Hypospray - hand held small sized cylinder type spray that can introduce antibiotics, antiseptic, stimulate, sedatives or other drugs directly to the patients system.

Antibiotics - are used to fight off infection, reduce fever, or boost the immune system. One common type is Tricodrazine

Anesthetics - are used to reduce pain or put people to sleep, a strong form, it's usually used before performing surgery. A common form of an Anesthetic is Medorazine, which will induce sleep.

Stimulant - are used to keep people awake and aware of their surroundings, used alot on missions where patient's are injured and must be kept awake during missions.

Sedatives - pain killer or used to calm a hysterical person down. Valium would be a common type of sedative.

Med Paks sometimes called an Emergency Med Kit
- med paks hold everything that most medical people will need in an Emergency situation. The are always taken on away missions and are located through out the ship. They usually contain: A tricorder, regenerator, stimulator, hyposprays and basic surgical equipment. A med paks are continually checked for contents, the equipment recalibrated or fixed as needed. Restocking and maintenance of the med paks are the responsibility of the Assistant medical personnel.

Laser scalpel or Exoscalpal - A medical instrument capable of precise cuts producing little or no blood loss. Allows the surgin to look at the underlying tissue in the body.

And finally the favorite of the medical department......paper work

Med Logs and Patient status reports:

Med logs are the computer logs that keep the medical staff informed and up-to-date on medical procedures.

Patient status reports are the reports kept on a patients status. This could be anything from a annual physical to an injury. They must be reviewed by all medical personnel directly involved with the patient. They also hold testing results, scans, etc.