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Tactical Measures

Sensors - There are two types of sensors on a starship. Those designed for planetary science, astrophysics, long range navigation, and the detection of other life forms are usually controlled by the Science Department. Those that provide offensive and defensive information are under the control of the tactical officer. The offensive and defensive sensors are used to track vessels, scan vessels, as well as acquire a target Usage of the tactical console is possible without sensors, however, only very experienced tactical officers can do that.

Deflectors and Shields - Deflectors are exactly what the name implies. They are low energy fields which deflect space borne debris, energy, and act as an electromagnetic shell to protect the inherently unstable structure of a starship. An internally generated structural integrity field is required to maintain ship structural rigidity during the stresses of spaceflight.

Shields, like their medieval counterparts, protect a vessel from direct assault or offensive barrage. They are fed through warp power sources, although auxiliary power backup is available on a short term basis.

Because deflectors and shields are electrically generated, they are subject to interruption or degradation.

Tractor Beams - Tractor beams are comparable to a controllable magnetic influence used for capturing or pulling another object. Tractor beams are often used in guiding remotely piloted vehicles or shuttle craft to safe docking.

A tractor beam may be reversed on a limited bass to act as a repulsor.

Phasers - Phasers are a phased array weapon used for offense or defense. The phaser system imparts a laser like amplification of a broad band energy, as opposed to light only.

Some modifications have been made to adapt phasers for use in geological drilling and boring.

Photon Torpedoes - Photon Torpedoes take their name from 20th century torpedoes, launched directly at a target. The energy delivery of a torpedo is much greater than that available through phaser fire.

The casing of photon torpedoes has also been modified to carry sensor probes and other scientific instrumentation.