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Security Measures

Hand Phaser - Much like a star ship phaser, hand phasers are a phased weapon in which can generate a large amount of power. Hand phasers currently come in Type I, Type II, and Type IIH. Type IIH are only able to be used by the officer it is issued to (there is a thumb print security system) and is currently standard issue on all StarFleet vessels and stations. Hand phasers have 16 settings, from light stun, to heavy kill. Heavy Kill will vaporize most biological substances.

Phaser Rifles - With 15 additional settings, these weapons use the same components as a hand phaser, however, they are equipped with a large spot light, which is used for viewing of darker spaces, as well as a targeting cross hair. Unlike hand phasers, however phaser rifles can carry up to 6 energy packs at a time (hand phasers can hold up to one). Currently, there are two types of phaser riffles -- array, and cannon.

An arrayed phaser rifle fires a standard beam, much like a hand phaser. Phaser arrays can fire up to 80 meters away. A cannoned phaser rifle fires a pulse of energy, which can reach targets up to 300 meters away. Cannoned rifles have a larger range, and, can fire more rapidly than an arrayed phaser rifle.

Phaser rifles come in Type III, Type IIIH (arrayed) and Type IV, Type IVH (cannoned)

Force Field - A forcefield is a layer of energy which surrounds a mass. Most things can not penetrate a forcefield, unless they are at a specific power modulation. Most forcefields are set to a random modulation. Forcefields can easily be taken down by a phaser on the same energy modulation, however, with random modulations, this is almost impossible unless the computer automatically changes the modulation of the phaser to match (which can only be done by authorization of the Commanding Officer.)