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Species 8472

Name: Species 8472
Biographical Details: Species 8472 were first spotted in Borg space in 2373. Conflict between Species 8472 and the Borg began immediately. The Federation starship USS Voyager came across Species 8472 towards the end of 2373. The information contained in this database has been downloaded from
Voyager's computers. Species 8472 are not from our universe. They travel to our universe through quantum singularities. Species 8472 are interdimensional, and come from a place where there are few stars or planets. It is filled with an organic fluid, and not really space at all, but matter. This space is referred to as fluidic space. They have a cold malevolence to them. Their only desire is to conquer, and there is no negotiating with them. Like the
Borg ideology of assimilation and "resistance is futile",Species 8472's ideology is "The Weak Will Perish". Species 8472 believe that we have contaminated their space by entering it, and believe that our galaxy is a threat to their genetic purity. Thye want to purge our galaxy of our impurity. Species 8472 was encountered in 2373, when they were at war with the Borg. Further investigation revealed that the Borg started the war with Species 8472.

Species 8472 use organic biomass ships (which appear to be actual living lifeform as opposed to just organic components as evidenced by the vertabrae seen upon entering the ship). Each biomass ship has a crew complement of one. The ships seem to be impervious to Federation (or Borg, for that matter) technology: ship sensors can't penetrate the surface of the biomass ship, transporters can't lock onto it, and the tractor beam has no affect on it. It
has been demonstrated that the biomass can dissolve through the hulls of Borg ships and therefore can probably dissolve through the hull of the Voyager. Wherever Species 8472 came from, their ships use warp propulsion with anti-matter technology. Inside the ship, there are organic conduits which carry an electro-dynamic fluid. This quite possibly could be an energy source. There is also a binary matrix laced with neural peptides, which could be their
idea of a computer core. The biomass ships have the ability to regenerate themselves.
Species 8472 is telepathic in nature, and at this point, it is unknown if they have a spoken language or not. They emit a bio-electric field that disrupts the transporter, preventing getting a lock on or near them. Narrowing the transporter confinement beam doesn't work. The bio-electric field also prevents tricorders from being able to localize the location of Species 8472. The cells of this species are densely coded and have more than one hundred
times the DNA a human cell would have. They have an extrordinary immune response. Anything that enters the cell membrane are immediately destroyed. Therefore, the Borg can't assimilate them. They are highly resistant to all forms of technology. However, species 8472 is vulnerable to the modified nanoprobes. Species 8472 is made of the same material as their ships. They are capable of living in the vaccuum of space with no life support. They can also
crawl along the hull of a starship without additional support. They are also capable of regeneration.
Species 8472 attacks with their claws whenever they can. This will transfer their cells to the victim. These cells, once in the victim's blood, will begin to consume the body from the inside out, essentially eating the victim alive. The victim will be conscious during this process because all sedatives and other treatments to the infection are neutralized immediately. While the fire power of one ship is extrordinary, they can combine their fire power
by forming a circle with a number of other ships, with one ship in the center of the circle. All the ships fire at the main center ship, which collects the fire power and amplifies it out, causing enough fire power to destroy a planet. Species 8472 are highly intelligent and devious. When they enter the enemy's ship, it will do whatever is the most efficient way to destroy the ship.
So far, the only theory as to how to stop Species 8472 is with modified Borg nano-probes which could attack the alien cells before the cells have a chance to destroy the nano-probes.
As of now, they have a peace treaty with the Federation thanx to the USS Voyager. It is not know how long it will last though.