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UFP Statistics


Total Area: 58,500,000,000 LY3

Disputes: dispute with Klingon Empire over Archanis Sector; dispute with
Maquis insurgents over colonies in Cardassian Demilitarized Zone.
Natural Resources: dilithium, lead, iron, silicon, titanium, thorium,
molybendum, deuterium.
Planetary Use: Agricultural 2%;Inhabited 5%;Industrial 12%;Unused 81%


People Population


Birth Rate: 9 Births/1,000 Population (2372)
Death Rate: 8 Deaths/1,000 Population (2372)
Life Expectancy at Birth: 124 years male, 129 years female (Terran)
Total Fertility Rate: 1.1 children born/woman (2372)
Nationality: noun-Federation(s); adjective-Federation
Species Divisions: Humanoid 78%; Non-Humanoid 13%, Non-Corporeal 9%
Religion: Secular Humanism 51%; Christianity 9%; Jewish 1%; Bajoran 2%;
Betazed 3%; other 11%; none 23%
Language: predomitably Federation Standard English, sizable minorites
speaking Vulcan, Bajoran, and Betazed. Universal Translators virtually
eliminate most language barriers. Labor Force: 411,258,000,000



Long-Form Name: The United Federation of Planets; abbreviated UFP

Type: republic; strong democratic tradition
Administrative Divisions: 156 Member worlds, 1295 Colony worlds.
Independence: August 12, 2161
Constitution: August 12, 2161
Legal System: based on English-Terran common law; judicial review of
legislative acts.
National Holiday: Federation Day, August 12 (2161)
Executive Branch: president, Cabinet
Legislative Branch: unicameral Federation Counsel
Judicial Branch: Federation Supreme Court
Leaders: Chief of State and Head of Government: President Jaresh-Inyo
Suffrage: Universal at age 18
Elections: President-every 6 years; Federation Counsel-every 4 years
Flag: blue background with the words "The United Federation of Planets" in
gold type centered in the bottom third of the flag. The seal of the
Federation (Circular disk covered with starfield, surrounded by laurel
branches) is centered in the upper two-thirds of the flag.



Overview: The Federation has a massive socialist economy built around large
scale, inexpensive production of almost all consumer goods. No money is used
for all basic expenses (food, clothing, shelter). A large scale heavy
industrial base can build almost anything.
The economy is in a wartime production mode because of the recent war with
the Klingons, the Borg threat, and the Dominion threat.
Unemployment Rate: 1%
Budget: 2.98 Trillion Credits (FY 2372)
Industrial Production: growth rate +1.9% (2372)
Industries & Agriculture: large-scale replication, starship/space station
construction, Pharmaceutical agriculture, computer programming, asteroid
mining, antimatter production
Illicit Drugs: illicit producer of cannabis for domestic consumption;
significant production of Romulan Ale, and Brekkian Felicium
Fisical Year: Calendar Year


Spaceways: 51,500 LY
Spaceports: 119 Major Spaceports, 789 Minor Spaceports, 6341 Space Stations
Merchant Marine: 1470 ships, 3266 unmanned cargo drones.
Telecommunications: 621,000,000,000 comn terminals; 8743 subspace comn
relays; 5220 commerical holorecreation transmitters.

Defense Forces

Branches: Department of Exploration and Defense (including Starfleet Command
and Marine Corps)
Defense expenditures: 841 Billion Credits (FY 2372)