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Starfleet Missions Statement

Starfleet's main objectives are to enhance knowledge of the universe (and on some occasions, universes), to defend the integrity of the United Confederation and its members at home and abroad, and to promote interstellar peace and cooperation between the nations of the universe.

Starfleet Academy is Starfleet's officer college. It is based in San Francisco, with campuses on other worlds. The Academy consists of cadet, medical, law and command schools. It is also responsible for the training of tactical officers and enlisted personnel. All programs last four years, with the final year being spent serving aboard a starship or at some other Starfleet facilities. Most cadets, by time they complete their studies, make it to the rank of ensign, but may reach as high as lieutenant, upon graduation from the Academy.

The Academy is very ?lite, and acceptance is pending successful completion of the Academy Entrance Exam. Few who write the exam are accepted; those who show great promise are made Red Squad cadets, the best of the best.

Perhaps the most visible signs of Starfleet is its fleet of Starships. Many of the Federation's most powerful and advanced ships bear the prefix U.S.S., designating a Starfleet ship. It should be noted that while there are ships for defensive, scientific, and diplomatic purposes, Starfleet holds few battleships in its fleet. Exceptions include the Defiant-class ship, designed to respond to a Borg threat in Federation space.

Starfleet's chain of command is based on the military traditions of the British Royal Navy, a strong Terran naval force from the 14th to the 19th century. Many Starfleet officers, by the end of their careers, make it to Commander. Those who exhibit great leadership and modesty may proceed to become Flag officers as high as Admiral. Among many cadets' models is Captain James T. Kirk, whose voyages aboard the Starship Enterprise are legendary.

Captain James T. Kirk In early March of 2397, the Confederation Tribune newspaper uncovered a story which shook Starfleet to its core. After being shrouded in secracy for so long, the media uncovered the existance of the ?lite tactical group, known as the Starfleet Secret Service.

Specializing in covert operations, the Secret Service operates two teams - AlphaGold and FireHawk whose missions remain classified, with only those priviledged enough to be a part of the squad aware of the details. A few days following the release of the article, the reporter was found dead. Starfleet has labeled the unfortunate incident as nothing more than a "coincidence", and the matter has been disregarded.