Posted July 20, 2005.

Michael C. Back

Ladies and Gentleman,

I just got off the phone with Michael's sister in Hobart, Indiana. It is with sad news that I verify what Sierra said on the SLA message boards: Michael C. Back has passed away. Seth was more than an online buddy of mine, Seth was a dear friend, a friend I am finding it hard to imagine is gone. Besides learning that he is gone, please know that Seth died peacefully in his sleep after complications between his diabetes and his heart. He was a healthy man and this is a shock to more than just his friends, but to his family as well.

His family wanted to let you know that in lieu of flowers, please send your heartfelt sympathies through a donation to the American Diabetes Association at ADA Donations Please give in memory of Michael C. Back.

Seth has been a steadfast friend to the FSF and has kept the Starfleet Legacy Alliance in close ties with our group for many years.

Seth became my friend in the Fall of 2000 when he brought the SLA to the Simming League for a possible joining. I was President of the League at the time and he and I fast became friends, sharing knowledge and experiences of running groups and running successful sims. He and I never had expectations from each other, we simply shared what we knew and learned from each other's knowledge. Him and I, over the years, have been steadfast allies in the online simming community when it came to group relations and simple sim buddies. We've drifted apart over the past several months, but I was looking forward to talking to him once again when he returned from this little break he was taking. My last words to him were well wishes and a happy birthday on the 4th of July. He responded just as kindly and I looked forward to many years into the future with him.

His death has hit me hard. As I sit here writing my goodbyes to Michael I find it hard to describe how I feel. Talking to his sister was one of the hardest things I've done as far back as I remember. I will miss him more than he will ever know. Goodbye Seth, you were one of a kind.

The Simming Community as a whole has lost a great man. We will be affected by his passing for years to come. FSF bids you a fond farewell, my friend, rest peacefully.

Visit the online memorial guestbook.

~ Jonathan Shuni
Federation Sim Fleet