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Simming Resources Guide

The Webpage
The FSF webpage is located at http://www.sb254.com
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For the options on the side, read below for more information.

              The first is called "GAME LISTING" Inside here, you will find the listing for the simulations for the FSF. You may click on any of the different types of games, ranging from Star Trek to X:Men. Each with list the games according to day and time and/or email and message boards. Included in there are links to the five feets in the FSF, and a listing for the Guilds. Guilds will be explained further below. Each sim is assigned to a Fleet. The usual number is around eight sims per fleet. We organize ourselves this way so better control and help our individual sims. By clicking on any of the fleet links, you will be taken to that fleet's website, and you'll be able to read more about the fleet and who runs them.
              The second link is called "FSF STAFF" Inside this area, you will find a listing of all staff members and a link for open hosting positions. Click on any host name to send them an email through the website.
              The third link, "FILE LIBRARY" houses all files that are offered to the FSF member body. Ranging from sounds, banners, programs, pictures, buddy lists, favorite place listings, or whatnot, this area is where all files are stored. Each file has a number it, indicating how many people have downloaded the file. We recommend you download sounds and fonts for the best FSF experience.
              The fourth link, "INFORMATION" has all the explanations and information resources any simmer would need. These guides, the Academy Guides, are one of twenty areas inside the information area. Whether you are learning how to write a stardate, looking up the prime directive, figuring out what the Operations officer does, learning FSF rules, or making a BIO, everything and more is in this area. Go here if you'd like some information on simming or the FSF.
              The fifth option, "COMM LINK" is more of a general member's area. We place all general areas and sim extras in the Comm Link. If you need to join the FSF mailing lists, get off of them, visit the message boards, chat with other members, vote in the FSF poll, read FSF newsletters, look up the events happening this week in the FSF, get your webmail, read up on FSF news, read FSF history, sign/view our guestbook, or signup/enter the FSF members only section of the website, this is where you do it. We continue to add more options to this area, so check back often.
              The final option is the "ASSISTANCE" area. This area is mainly for people unfamiliar with the FSF, or people such as yourself learning more about us. We have several guides in here for FAQs, online help, and help with different applications and programs. Included in this section is our listing of allied fleets, other groups that we partner with for whatever reason, our web page's awards, and the listing of the webrings we belong to. This area grows and we learn more of what people think of us and what they need from us to get going.
The FSF is a large group, and we decided back in 1997 that we needed to start using mailing lists. The FSF is based around our mailing lists. This is one of the Internet's finest tools as it is too much of a hassle to mail 500+ people every time you want to send a file or update. So, these mailing lists let you send an email to one address and that computer sends it to everyone ON the mailing list. We use this for the main mailing list... and also for our Guilds, newsletters, etc.... and some ships are given a mailing list, most love this for logs and reminders because anyone can go back to the archives and bring up a missed email message. It's easy to JOIN or QUIT, all you do is email a certain email address. We have set up a page for people to visit to do this form them, with as little hassle as possible. Visit mailing listing and click join or leave on as many or as little lists as you'd like. Some lists are moderated, some lists are restricted to certain members. Whatever it be, you'll get an email about your subscription. You are required to join the main list, st-fsf@yahoogroups.com . If you need further help, please ask any host.