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Mission Statement

What is the FSF, what is our mission, and where did it come from?

? ? ? ? ? As you've read, FSF stands for Federation Sim Fleet. But what you might not already know is that the FSF has a rich history and a family-type atmosphere. The FSF is now over twelve years old, and we've been led by Jonathan Shuni for the entire time. Originally, the FSF was created in March of 1993. Back then, we had one or two sims. Today, we've grown to over forty sims, and over 600 members. We're a very proud group, and we're happy to help people, just like yourself.

? ? ? ? ? The FSF is a simulation group based primarily around email, message board and chat sims. We charge no fee, and all our services are provided without charge.

? ? ? ? ? We, as a group, have a general mission that all hosts are asked to put forth and aim toward. We aim, and work toward, being a family and to provide quality simulations, above all else. Nobody should feel like an outsider. We make it as easy as possible to get new members into the fold and to participate in group chats, group meetings, group happenings, and just basically, the group. We feel it is necessary to have a goal like this so it defines who we are, and why we're a group. As a group of people, we're stronger and more able to provide our goals and aims. Together we push forward, separated we fail. Throughout the many years we've been around, nothing could better explain the feelings we have about what we do. We're aiming for the stars.