In Memoriam
FSF Morpheus/Martin St-Onge

Martin and his daughter Mathilde in 2003

One of the brightest stars in the sky

Martin St-Onge and his familyMartin St-Onge was born November 15, 1973, in Canada. His native language was French, although we all knew he spoke English just as well as he spoke "the language of love." It's ironic that his native tongue was the language of love, in that he was a loving man. Martin lived and worked in Montreal as an IT Director, and so far as we all ever knew, truly enjoyed his work. Always friendly and never one to insult others, Martin was truly a good, friendly person.

Martin joined FSF on September 3, 2002, and by April 2, 2003, he had already become a host, and earned the respect of the Admins, Hosts, and players alike.

Though I never simmed with him, I know from his friends and our information in the FSF database that he was an avid simmer with a wonderful imagination. Here's some information about where he simmed, who he simmed as, and the honors he held & won in the FSF:

Characters & Assignments:

  • Jack Baller & "The Doctor" on Starbase Adelphi (04/22/2003 - 05/07/2005)
  • François Mondragon on Circus of the Damned (assigned 10/06/200)5
  • Dr. Eric M. Halloway on the USS Endevour (03/24/2005 - 05/07/2005)
  • Eric M. Halloway & Vincent St-Onge on the USS Heritage (12/16/2002)
  • Simon Baller & Captain Kellison on Shattered Hopes (assigned 03/24/2005)
  • William Moore on the USS Magistrate (assigned 11/02/2005)
  • Jack Baller on the USS Magistrate (assigned 10/30/2005)
  • Martin St-Onge on Starbase Omega (assigned 04/02/2003)
  • Martin Baller on Stargate: SG-3 (assigned 04/10/2004)
  • Martin Baller on the USS Deliverance (assigned 01/29/2004)
  • "The Doctor" on the USS Vastitude (09/17/2002 - 10/16/2002)
  • Simon Baller on the USS Phoenix (assigned 08/08/2004)
  • "The Doctor" on the USS John C. Stennis (10/19/2002)
  • Vincent St-Onge on the USS Dauntless (12/10/2002)
  • Jack Baller on the USS Phoenix (06/30/2005 - 08/14/2005)

Games He Hosted:

  • USS Crusader (with FSF Tiberious) from ____ to ____
  • Starbase Adelphi () from April 22, 2003 to May 7, 2005
  • USS Endevour from March 24, 2005 to May 7, 2005
  • USS Magistrate from October 30, 2005 to present
  • Starbase Omega from April 2, 2003 to _____
  • Stargate: SG-3 from April 10, 2004 to _____
  • USS Phoenix from August 8, 2004 to ____

Awards Received:

  • Silver Host Service Star (from FSF Titan) on 03/09/2005 for his two-year hosting anniversary.
  • Silver Host Service Star (from FSF Titan) on 04/02/2004 for his one-year hosting anniversary.
  • Fleet Commander's Commendation (from FSF Titan) for his numerous contributions to Epsilon fleet and his great work with the revival of Starbase Adelphi. This is the highest award a host can receive from his fleet, and is never given lightly.
  • Distinguished Service Medal (from FSF Sheridan) on 08/18/2003 for the hard work and effort he put into getting Starbase Adelphi back on its feet again.

Administrative Positions Held:

  • Host Hiring Board (founding member)
  • Omega Fleet CO (January 1st, 2004 - November 10th, 2004)
  • Omega Fleet XO (November 10th, 2004 - February 9th, 2005)
  • Epsilon Fleet XO (October 1st, 2003)
  • Acting Epsilon Fleet XO (August 27th, 2003 - October 1st, 2003)
  • Epsilon Fleet Host Coordinator (June 26th, 2003)
  • Acting Epsilon Fleet CO
  • Intimation Director
  • Awards Director

Other Honors:

  • Martin was nominated for Simmer of the Month on February 16, 2003.

Besides his great dedication to the games and fleets in FSF, Martin was also a mentor to at least four of FSF's greatest hosts - FSF Starla, FSF Spectre, FSF Kimberlee, and FSF Tommy. The time Martin put in helping players and hosts was invaluable, and he touched the lives of many others.

Martin died on February 12, 2006, after losing his battle with brain cancer. He leaves behind a loving wife, Annie, and three beautiful children, as well as all of his family and friends, of which there are many of us.

Update 02/17/2006:
Martin's wife has passed along the charity that their family would like us to donate to in lieu of flowers and cards. Please, if you get a moment, visit La fondation Québécoise du Cancer and donate in memory of Martin. The website is in French, so if you need assistance, please let us know.

Annie is in the process of signing up for an account on these message boards so she can personally respond to your comments. She has read many of your comments and will be printing these out and reading them aloud with family at his final arrangements. While there will not be a formal funeral, his family did get together to remember Martin and read aloud your comments.

Here's some of the things that Martin's friends & extended family have said about him:

Jonathan Shuni/AdmShuni

I knew Martin when he first came to FSF and I knew from the get go that he would not only be a shining star amongst our membership, but that he had the drive to become a notable and influencial host. When he finally applied for hosting and eventually was approved, he and I began a friendship that I treasure to this day. He was one to share his throughts openly and truthfully, never hide his intentions, and gave respect and admiration only to those that deserved it.

Martin eventually joined Fleet Command and was trained by one of the best fleet commander's this group has to offer. He quickly mastered the skills necessary to lead a team of hosts and set along a path that put him amongst the stars of the group. He lead Omega Fleet based on honesty, family and strength. He did us all proud and we were lucky to have him amongst us. When he left us, I knew he'd come back, better than ever. I was proud to work with him, proud to game with him and proud to call him my friend.

FSF Hawg

Hearing about someone cut down so young in their life is always hard to hear. When it is someone who is part of an extended family, it is that much harder. I never really got to know Morpheus, but from everything I have ever heard about him, a great, great person has been lost.

My thoughts and prayers go out to his friends & family.

FSF Spectre

I remember when I first came to the FSF. Back in...I want to say 2003. Martin took me in. I called Starbase Adelphi my home. I still do. I've had many memories there. When I became a host in the FSF sortly thereafter (FSF Killgrey), it was Morpheus that helped me along, pointed me in the correct way to go, and basically walked beside me through everything. I left the FSF after having computer problems. When I came back, I went straight for Adelphi. Again, Morpheus took me in. I still remember many of the JPs we did.

Martin will always remain with me in my heart. He was my mentor. I was always trying to live up to what he'd accomplished...and let me tell you, friends, those are some big shoes to fill. I still find myself chasing after his legacy. I considered Martin to be not just a friend but a father. He was there for me all the time. He's done more than I could ever dream of doing. Sleep well, Martin.

FSF Justin

Wow, this has come as a painful shock as I logged into the forums this afternoon.

I came into FSF as Martin's right hand man in Omega Fleet as his Executive Officer, and as such spent most of my time in debates and discussions with him. Most of the time, we didn't see entirely eye to eye, but all in all, he was one of the most interesting people I have ever spoken to. He sent me pictures of his family and talked about them on numerous occasions, and I never once heard him speak ill of them, it was always positive.

After being friends with him for over a year, we started to drift apart, and our communications ended. I never knew he was sick. He wasn't the type of person to talk about depressing things, everything had to always be joyful in some aspect otherwise he would quickly change the subject and flow of the conversation. He was just that type of person, and it made him the great guy he will always be remembered as.

I'm sure he would thwap me if I called him a hero, but in some regards, he really is. He touched countless lives, and many people looked up to him for guidance in anything and everything. I would always ask questions, and even if he knew I wouldn't like the answer, he would tell me like it was, straight up and to the point.

He was a great man, and he will always be missed. His memory lives on in all the lives he touched, as well as his beautiful family. Please know our thoughts are with you through this bump in the road, and know that he is watching over you from above with love.

You are in my thoughts and prayers,



I knew Martin really well...at least, online. I never got a chance to talk to him over the phone or meet him in person, but he made a big impact on my life.

In November 2002 (and yes, I know it's 2002 that I joined...three years in), I was 13 years old, had just started 7th grade, and a month earlier, my grandma on my dad's side had died. Anywho, I was depressed, and was up really late one night looking at Star Trek (didn't go to sleep that night, I don't think) on a search engine...one of the last few results I had found was for a 'Federation Sim Fleet'. Long story short: I got hooked that night, and a day later, I got my first assignment: SB Adelphi, AMO, 4th Year Cadet.

Martin was the CMO on Adelphi at the time, and he was really patient with me, answered all of my questions (and believe me, there were a LOT of them...I hadn't ever heard of simming before that night), and when I got frustrated, he helped me calm down.

I was on Adelphi for a few months before Martin hauled me along with him to the then-Magistrate (when it was a PBEM sim). There, my first posting was as an AMO, again a cadet. FSF Tiberious was his co-host then, and he was also the XO (Tiberious was). After a few more months, Ens. Cadrach Ineloki, who was the then-CSCI, resigned, and Martin offered me the job, along with a promotion to Ensign. I took it, and stayed in that same position for about a year (early 2004) until I had made Lt. JG and CMO myself (by this time, we had changed the name to Phoenix). I had that position for a little over a year, until March 7th of 2005, when FSF Kimberlee decided I was using my imagination too much (I was a full lieutenant by then).

Along the way, he had dragged me along with him to the Crusader when it was around, even though I didn't stay there very along. About six months ago, I saw his name on the Phoenix's roster as an AMO, and sure enough, he was back.

I still remember the last time I talked to him, and the last thing I said was, "I'll talk to you later, buddy." Little did I know that it would be the last time that I would talk to him.

Martin, you have no idea what you did for me, and that's partially because I never told you, but I hope you know that now. You helped me stay sane when I was verging on actually going insane, and I owe you so much that it can't be described. You were like an uncle that I never had (all of mine are belligerent drunks). Goodbye, my old friend. Rest peacefully now...and maybe you could say hi to my grandparents for me?

FSF Truce

I've known Morph for a number of years, and we've had our ups and downs, mostly ups. Through it all, he has always been a decent man, and an all around good guy. He has helped many people in FSF, players and hosts alike. He succeeded in just about every task he took upon himself. He will be missed, and thought of fondly by his friends in FSF.

To his Real Life Family, Morph often spoke of you, and he did so with pride and happiness. Words can not describe what you are going through, nor can they truly comfort you, but sadly right now, that is all we have. Just know that you are in our thoughts and prayers.


I will miss the friendship that I remember. He helped me build three characters and then he helped me to make one character become very strong in the FSF Community. I know that he was one of the best hosts I ever had. I can't say that I truly knew him but I can say that he was a good simmer and a good online friend that will be missed a lot. In fact on the Adelphi sim I have just returned and I used his character Admiral Baller as a friend that my character had missed while he was away. I think that I am going to miss his precence but as we all know he would want us to have fun and to sim to our best efforts. He will be remembered and I have his family in my thoughts. I will have a drink in his honor this Friday night.

Ryan- Real Name
Sorel- SB Adelphi

FSF Wasaga

Morph was one of my most favorite hosts to be with when I was a player and he was CO of Starbase Adelphi.

I still remember my last conversation with him. We were discussing things that we were doing for the current plot on Adelphi for my character on Adelphi in efforts of spurring some activity while both Sheridan and Macleod were either on a LOA or with sporadic access.

When I was considering becoming a host, Morph was one of the people I consulted. He told me I would make a great host and would be proud to co-host with me. Guess I'll never get that day now.

Having simmed with him on both Starbase Adelphi and a short stint on the USS Crusader, he was one of the people I looked up to as someone who cared and was understanding.

This sort of thing shouldn't happen to good souls like his but it is life and we don't choose when we will finally leave this plane of existance and move onto the next one.

Morph, you will always be in my memories and heart. You were a good friend and comrade.

Vardis Kree

While I never served with morpheus I have seen his many comments in the lounge and felt that I had come to know Him. This had hit me as a shock ... that he never let it show he was not well is a tribute to his strength of character.

My uncle is also dying from brain cancer and My Fiance passed away 5 years ago from Brain tumors. I know all that pain I felt I know someone else is having to suffer now.

While My children are grown and have their parents. As a mother I know the hardships Martin's Wife and children will have to face. I don't care if anyone else believes in God. But I do and My prayers go to his wife to give her strength through the dark hours.


wow... this is almost unbelievable. Morpheus was the first person I met when I joined FSF. I've served under his command almsot all of the time I"ve been here. He was an amazing host, always encouraging to everyone. He cared about the people he played with, and worked to include and get to know everyone. Of all the simmers on FSF, I was closest to him and knew him more than anyone else.

Martin St-Onge was without a doubt a true man, a legend in the FSF world. He will not be forgotten.

the man was my hero. If anyone from his family reads this, I offer my sincere condolensces, though I'm sure nothing can really ease the pain of his loss.

-Jonathan Wolf

Lt. Cmdr Karl H. Canada, USS Magistrate
Lt. Cmdr Robert T. Jackson, SB Adelphi

FSF Scythe

What can I say that would begin to do justice to the life of Martin St-Onge?

Other than to say he was my good friend and I will miss him.

I can say that I knew Martins through the FSF his years of friendship made my life a bit easier. We had three years to make up memories and plan new times to come and they were great times, cut short to quick, and I will never forget them.

I have been proud to see and hear how successful Martin had been in his life and he was truly in his element and his successes being realized and felt by all in the community daily. His staff (fellow FSF hosts) were his friends as well as his colleagues and co-workers and the affection as well as respect, confidence and trust that they had in him was always evident in the comfort which they showed being around him. His energy, enthusiasm, and positive attitude were contagious and his excitement was a joy to experience. I could go on and on but time is limited and others will want to speak.

I will close in saying that I am confident that the Good Lord has taken Martin for a reason, and that some day we will know why. Until that time I take comfort in knowing that Martin fought a good fight and that I know he is now with the Lord and his pain and suffering is over. May his memory be eternal. May we rejoice in the life of Martin St-Onge and may we not grieve in his passing, because he would not have wanted us too. He would have said "It's done, get over it."

It is with much regret that I write this Martin and i were never really close but was a great individual and will be truly missed. I must say that even I cried when i read of his passing as he truly was a great person and was always there to listen, joke, share ideas, or just shoot the breeze.

Good bye my friend and may you walk forever in green pastures.

Semper Fidelis,
Nicholas Pappas


These communities are things of wonder. Fired by love of creative imagination, simming brings together people from all walks of life. The loss of a host, someone charged with nurturing that sense of passion and community which binds us all together as a family, affects us all. The game is forever diminished, and will never be quite the same to those whose lives were touched by Martin Saint-Onge.

Having been a CO of Omega Fleet, Morpheus immediately held a place of prestige in my mind. Even before I knew him, I knew that he must have been a wise and dedicated man to serve as a Commanding Officer of a fleet in FSF.

Then I met him...or at least the online equivalent. In my first weeks of running the fleet, he gave me valued counsel. He was a steady hand for me when I was just getting my bearings in Omega Fleet, and for that I will always be grateful. Martin will be greatly missed by all.

Goodbye, my friend. May God hold you in the palm of His hand.

- Michael McGree

FSF Bauer

I first heard of him becoming ill a few weeks back. The news saddened me, and weighed upon my heart. I have only known Martin for 7 months, but in that time the guidance he provided, and wisdom of the way things were supposed to go, effected me greatly. What got m from the start was how friendy and open he was, completely willing to speak out about how he wanted his sim, and how he saw things going. This made me look up to him in a great way. His acheivements within this tight group of people, friends, i have come the to know as FSF astonished me. Inspiring me, making me want to acheive more, be the best host i could.

When he became ill, i was the one put in charge of his sim, his shoes and targets where tough ones to follow. While i am still commanding the Magistrate, the sim will continue on the morals, and story he created, in honor of him, FSF Morpheus.

I just hope form the bottom of my heart his family will treasure these thoughts we leave, all of us knowing him in different ways. But all coming together, not to mourn his death, yet, celebrate his life and acheivements.

My prayers are with his family, his children wishing them all the luck in life. We are here, and always will be should they need us.

God works in mysterious ways, thats what im told, but he always has a plan and that plan is always for the good of us all. One day, maybe we will see what his plan is..

Palmam qui meruit ferat
-Sean Clayton

FSF Raven

Im stunned...

When I was part of the FSF before as FSF Dallas I spoke with him on quite a few occasions and I feel we became good friends, if not in passing. I never really had the privilage of knowing him any better than that, but how I did know him was nothing but pleasent and friendly.

He will be greatly missed in this community, by close friends and aquantences alike. I wish his family the best and hope that, one day, we will meet again.

May the wind always be at your back and fill your sails for your journey to heaven my friend.

::Bows respectfully::

FSF Raven
USS Endevour CoHost

The Writer

Its hard to express in words what my heart feels right now. It shames me to think that since I've been back to the FSF, I never took the time or the oppotunity to talk to Martin. Thats actually the worst part of it all, I've lost touch with a friend and will never have the oppotunity to rebind.

I knew Martin from the Titan sim, back when he was an Epsilon Fleet Member and hosting the Adelphi. He was the one to actually convince me to return to hosting in the FSF and take on the Titan when Joe hadn't the time anymore. We were pretty close, most were in Epsilon back then, so within the hosting circle of that segiment of the FSF I learned a great deal about Martin and his life, grasping closer to the man to which would talk for almost hours. Very Happy It was a funny conversation between the two of us about the move to Omega, to which I didn't know about until one day I signed on (after being away for awhile) and seeing that Martin had moved. He had pulled sims from Epsilon to Omega, and I damn near went with, but, in the end, the Titan had become something that I could not control, and to move it would have hurt the sim. So, it stayed and turned into the Dark Frontier.

It pains me to think that he is gone, much worse than the memories of his former. I will miss him. I'm just in somewhat of a shock right now.

FSF Scott2 (Aaron Scott)

Martin was a wonderful, loving man, who was a dedicated father, friend, mentor, and host. He cared deeply for all of the people and things in his life, and always put his heart into what he did. He will be deeply missed.


It is a miracle how someone you've never met in person can influence you. When I heard of Martin's passing I sat shaking behind my computer. He was the CO of my first email sim, Starbase Adelphi. The first thing he did was not approving my mail to the yahoolist because I wanted to sit back and wait with really posting till the current arc was over Smile. He encouraged me to join in immediately. I simmed with him for over a year on the Adelphi and I was the News Director for Omega Fleet during the time that he was Omega Fleet CO. I talked to him a lot and I considered him to be one of my best friends in the FSF. He was a great host, had always time to listen and give advice and was always friendly. Martin has affected a lot of people and will be remembered by people from all over the world. Only a great person can do this.

My thoughts are with his wife, children and family. May you find strength from knowing that Martin will not be forgotten.

More written tributes to Martin have been posted at, http://forums.sb254.com/viewtopic.php?t=17181, on the FSF Message Boards.

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