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Getting Points

How can I get My Points?

Points are currently received by doing the following:

- Using the FSF toolbar (15 points each month starting 8/06)
- Reporting a website bug in the AMS (1-10 points, depending on bug)
- Participating in an Official FSF Chat event (5 points)
- Filling out a survey (50 points)
- Reading an email we've sent to you (code at the VERY bottom of the email) (5 points)
- Winning an FSF Chat game (10 points)
- Yearly host anniversary (50 points)
- Good Conduct OOC Award (Bronze = 20 points, Silver = 50 points, Gold = 100 points, Platinum = 250 points)
- Writing one log per week for a sim for a complete month. (10 points)
- Being active on the message boards. (10 points for every 100 posts done in a month. Example: 500 posts in a month, person received 50 points)
- Being active on your blog. (5 points per day of active posting, not editing a post or commenting on someone elses blog) as of 04/26/07
- Being a simmer on the monthly Simulation of the Month (5 points)
- Recruiting a new member (10 points per member)