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Log Types

A short story is a log that is written about the character, the mission, or as part of the background history of the character. If you include an active character, you must have the player's permission. The short story can not alter the trek universe, your ship's current status (repairs to systems are exceptable, but not stealing the ship, or stating that it was attacked out side the official mission), or the life on another character, unless they willingly participate.

A dialog is the actually conversation between two or more characters, whether they be active characters or NPCs. If you are submitting a dialog with an active character and it was created in an OOM (Out Of Mission) environment, then you must have the other participant?s permission to submit the dialog. If it was between you and your created NPC, then you are free to submit it.

The duty log will contain information related to the mission, and be written from the character's perspective. A general overview of the mission and/or the duties your character performed are the general format for this log. The emotional responses, ideas, conflicts, and observations should also be included. Remember that this log will directly reflect the mission and should not include active player characters doing something they didn't do in the mission.

A personal log is like a diary for your character. This log will not always contain any references to the mission or your crew. This log gives you the chance to grow and develop your characters life and personality. You may create NPC characters to add a storyline to your log, but remember that if you must have permission if you used another player's character in this log.

A subspace communication is similar to a phone call or a letter made by your character to another character or an NPC you created. It must include the stardate it was sent, the person it was sent to, and the ship or starbase it was sent to. If you include an active player?s character, you must first have their permission. A subspace communication may or may not contain any references to the mission.

During a mission, not all characters are always involved in the primary objective of the mission. This allows for some character official off duty. Each ship or station will have a recreational factuality on board that is accessible to the characters. This time is also used for official "getting to know your crew" time and will be considered part of the officially run mission regardless of what occurs. The ship or station bar/lounge is generally the setting for these off duty moments. Keep in mind that during any part of the mission you must remain in character.