Version 07/31/2006

The Federation Sim Fleet, and its operator admin@sb254.com, complies with the The Children's Online Privacy Act. We do this by prohibiting anyone under the age of 13 from participating in this website. Users, when applying, are asked to give the date of their birth, and age verification occurs during the submission process. We do not contact outside (parents, friends, relatives) sources to verify birth dates.

We at the FSF understand privacy is a very important issue. We do not disclose personally identifable information to the public, nor do our hosting body at large. A very few select number of people are given access to user records in direct relation to the tasks of their job description. Data is restricted through multiple securtiy measures and the server on which the data is located is secured through physical security techniques.

Contact Information

  1. Our homepage on the Internet is located at http://www.sb254.com/
  2. You may contact us by e-mail at admin@sb254.com
Data collection
  1. We collect data in the initial sign-up process when a visitor is joining the group for the first time. A person may change this data once logged into their account (once verification of email address is complete). The only data required for membership is Name, Email & Birthdate. We reserve the right to lock you out of your account if your birthdate is invalid.
  2. Visits to this website may store cookies on your computer. Once you submit username and password, the site will verify your identity and allow you to log in. If you have cookies turned off, a session variable may carry along in the URLs of this website. You may delete any cookies from this website or refuse to accept cookies from this website. You can also log out to remove any available way to get into your account.
  1. We do not store cookies on your computer until after you log into the site.
  2. The cookie stores your unique ID which will alert our system who you are. This does not contain any personal identifying information.
  3. The cookie is deleted when you log off.

Any questions can be directed to the message boards.