function toggle(id){ var el=document.getElementById(id);'block'? 'none' : 'block'; } function goChatMibbit(){ var nick = document.mibbitApp.nick.value; var chan = document.mibbitApp.chan.value; var popup = document.mibbitApp.popup.checked; if (!nick || nick == "") { nick = "FSF_%3F%3F"; } if (!chan || chan == "") { chan = "#FSF"; } if (chan[0] != "#") { chan = "#" + chan; } chan = "%23FSF,"+chan; chan = chan.replace('#', '%23'); nick = nick.split(' ').join(''); if (popup == true) { OpenWin =""+chan+"&nick="+nick+"&autoConnect=true", "CtrlWindow", "top=100,left=100,width=900,height=700,buttons=No,scrollbars=Yes,location=No,menubar=Yes,resizable=Yes,status=Yes,directories=No,toolbar=No,copyhistory=No"); } else { parent.location = ""+chan+"&nick="+nick+"&autoConnect=true"; } } document.writeln('

IRC Chat Room

You can choose between two web IRC Clients, the Mibbit interface that will not require any installations, or the old Java IRC Applet that requires the Java VM.

Please enter a nickname and choose the chat room you wish to enter. Do NOT include spaces, make them underscores _ . Thanks.
If you have ANY problems connecting, you can IM FSF Josh or FSF Tommy using your AIM or AOL client. They will walk you through.

Using Mibbit interface:

Nickname: (Not required)

          (* make sure popups from this site are not blocked)

Using Java Applet interface: Click here to expand

Nickname: (Not required)


Once you click submit, you MUST click YES when it asks you to approve the script.


In order to enter the any of our chat rooms using the Java Applet you need Java support in your browser. The first thing you need to fill in is your desired nickname in the chat, and then choose the name of the chat room you wish to enter. Different games use their name as the room name. In order to enter the general channel, use #FSF Once you have filled in the blanks, Click "$goBtn".

A new window will be opened and after a few minutes a "Security Warning" will appear. At the Security Warning window click Yes.

No Flooding/Cloning.
No Hacking/Cracking/Illegal Activities.

Basic Commands
NICK command
In order to change nick while in the Java Applet use the command: /Nick New-Nickname
Example: /Nick FSFUser

JOIN command
In order to join a channel while in the Java Applet use the command (All Channels starts with #): /Join #New-Channel
Example: /Join #FSF

ACTION command
In order to write an action while in the Java Applet, use the command: /me walks the dog or /me fires a phaser