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Committees are work groups that have an agenda, that meet regularly, and attempt to improve the group through suggestions to the Administration.

  1. DiasporaGames
      Diaspora Games is an online resource for sims and sim groups. Leaders can request resources, such as webspace, message boards, chat rooms or webpage assistance. Diaspora also offers a top50 list, search engine and much more. Members of this committee help determine direction and goals of Diaspora.
  2. Event Coordination
      This committee is charged with coordinating and running group-wide events, such as chats, games, competitions, trivias and more to promote community in the FSF.
  3. Host Hiring Board
      The HHB interviews people and collects data on potential hosts in the FSF and ultimately decides who to hire for hosts in the group. This is a rotating board of existing hosts, appointed by the Administration, for alternating 6 month terms.
  4. IRC Network Admins
      IRC Network Admins is FSF's committee on IRC management. Members of this committee help to make policy decisions about the IRC network, room selection, ownership and usability.
  5. Joint Sim Committee
      The JSC will be made up of FSF Hosts and players whose tasks will include helping to create and coordinate Joint Sims for the FSF games that are interested in such services.

      Members: FSF Poe, committee chair
      FSF Who
      Gabriel "The Writer" Logan
      Joe Morgan
      Josh Davis
      Michael Ward
  6. RPG Central
      RPG Central is an intergroup organization set to allow public discussions on the betterment of the simming community. While FSF supports this organization, it does not own it. Members of this committee are FSF's delegation.
  7. Scifi-Fusion.com
      Scifi Fusion is a message board system for today's fantasy & science fiction enthusiasts to come together and chat about TV, movies, books and music. Members of this committee determine its design and direction.

To join any of these committees, please drop Jonathan Shuni an email.